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The Netbook Revolution

A couple of years ago, Intel decided to partner with others to create a small, low cost laptop that could be distributed in developing countries. That was the date of creating the Intel Classmate, one of the first netbooks. A new model now exists, but it has some serious competition from several major manufacturers.
The Competitors
Acer makes the Aspire One, which became kind of one of the best and brightest of the new breed. Sporting the Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM, it can rival a low-end laptop if …

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New Life For Netbooks

What with Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo and even the originator of the netbook Asus pulling out of the netbook market – are we now truly approaching the end of the line for netbooks? Well, with several major manufacturers like Acer, Samsung, HP etc keeping netbooks in their portfolio of portable computers there must be a market and, therefore, a profit to be made from them. So, in the new year of 2013, where might this new life for netbooks come from?
The Windows 8 effect.
Despite several PC laptop manufacturers ditching the netbook …

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Dell XPS Hybrid Tablets

Dell has recently launched a new series of hybrid tablets, the Dell XPS series, which give the user the functionality of both a tablet and a netbook computer – which is just what we like to hear, here at netbooklaptopreviews. The potential problem for dell here is, of course, that the tablet market is already becoming over-crowded and so too is the hybrid tablet market. So, can the new Dell XPS hybrid tablet stand-out from the crowd?
Anything special about the Dell XPS?
Launched at the 2012 IFA the Dell XPS currently …

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2012 The Tablet Christmas

In the run up to Christmas 2012 they’re flying off the shelves at a rate of one a minute truly making 2012 the tablet Christmas. That’s not to say that we’re all about to abandon our traditional desktop PCs, laptops or netbooks – it’s just that the tablet is now being accepted as being the ideal device for dealing with emails, social media and, for some, listening to and viewing audio and video files whilst on the move. In other words – Christmas 2012 signals the acceptance by the public …

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Asus Windows 8 Tablets

Having already signalled their intention of leaving the Netbook market, Asus have released a series of tablet computers to run under Windows 8. They are the Vivo Tab RT, Vivo Tab and the Taichi – which range in price from $599 to $1299. Ouch! Now already you’ve got to wonder who’s going to pay $1299 for an Asus tablet, let alone even $599 for one which is $100 more than a base iPad? However, for Apple phobics these machines could be just the solution they’ve been waiting for, now that …

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HP Spectre XT Ultrabook

The HP Spectre XT Ultrabook tag actually covers several models from the base one, a special ENVY one and the regular Pro version. We’ll concentrate here on describing the base model itself, with one or two comments about what you get extra in the ENVY and Pro models. However, the essential point about the different models is that, without any extras, there’s just $100 difference between them. The base model costing $999 and the ENVY and Pro models coming in at $1099.
Should you buy the base model or a higher …