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NLR is created for helping our readers with laptop selection, using them and their maintenance. Our team of experts, write well researched, crafted and useful information related to laptops. This content goes through many eyes (senior editor, designer, product analyst and more) before getting published on the blog. Our content includes detailed reviews about top products with their designs and specifications discussed in detail. What makes NLR a unique and dominant platform is visitor’s trust that it has, the platform is trusted worldwide and praised for its unbiased content. Our experts are skilled and passionate about their work helping visitor’s find the best possible tech gadgets from markets.

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Zeeshan Ayaz

Muhammad Zeeshan Ayaz is a digital marketing strategist at Mist Interactive. Alongside digital marketing, he is also a passionate content writer who mostly writes about lifestyle and home improvement related topics. His writing style is precise and mostly focuses on information with SEO but never at the expense of user intent. Before his writing and digital marketing career, he graduated in with a degree in Software Engineering.

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Ahmad Noor

Ahmad Noor is Software Quality Engineer at Mist Interactive, he got his MS degree in Computer Science. He is a passionate writer and writes for websites like for TechForGamers, LaptopRoute and SegmentBlue. He writes everything from laptops to PC components and other tech gadgets. Besides his professional career, Ahmad Noor is an entertainer and is always surrounded by his good group of friends.

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Aqil Amjid

Aqil Amjid Khan is the founder of Mist Interactive. He is published on TechForGamers, SegmentBlue, LaptopRoute and many other websites. Besides writing, he is fascinated by latest technology and loves to get his hands on the most recent gadgets. He turned this long lasting love and hobby into his profession. His writing about the gaming products and PC components show compassion, years of love and hard work.

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Noor Shahid

Noor Shahid Khan is a Software Engineer and SEO Expert. He has been producing content in technology and lifestyle niches which besides a good read also have an impact on Google search rankings surge. His content focus on balancing information with SEO but neither at the expense of entertaining read. Apart from his writing career, he is also Senior Editor at Mist Interactive.