How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

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The laptop has become a very important aspect of our life. Nowadays, most of the work is done on the laptop. Sometimes, you don’t have a plug near or charger with you and you need to charge your battery for completing a very crucial task. In this situation, there can only be one solution to get the support of something like a power bank or your phone to charge turn on your laptop. In this article, we are going to explain various methods that will help you in charging your battery. You can choose any of them based on your preference.

Officially laptop manufacturer doesn’t recommend using third-party methods and tools to charge your battery because that could damage your battery and even your laptop. We recommend that only use these methods in desperate situations and not use them when you have a charger around.

Charging Laptop with USB

We have been using the laptop for quite some time and each of knows that every laptop has USB ports. These USB ports are mostly used to transferring data. You should know that USB ports are only to send power and cannot receive power. So you cannot use them for charging. Most of the old laptop has USB Type-A ports. However, newer laptops come with USB type B and Type C.
You should know that USB Type-A ports only send out power but USB type B and C can do both. These days USB type C has removed the need for separate pins for charging. You can charge your laptop from a USB type C port easily. This makes it very convenient for emergencies. You can easily get power from your phone when it needs via a USB Type-C port.

Universal Charger

This is another way to charge your laptop without the original charger available. This is the most common and widely used method by users. It makes it very easy to charge your laptop from any power source whether it’s an electric plug or power band. However, a Universal charger is very risky for your laptop battery and we don’t recommend it. There is no specific universal charger for specific models. There will always be differences in the voltage which may damage your laptop battery.
You can easily find a universal charger in electronic shops. They are easily available and also don’t cost much. These chargers have enough power to charge your battery and give power to your laptop. However, before buying them, you should check the features and voltage then compare them with your laptop requirement to be safe.

Charging your laptop battery externally

This is a very efficient way to charge your laptop battery when you don’t have your original charger around. For this purpose, you will need to remove your battery from the laptop and then connect the battery to the external charger for charging. As you can see that external charger cannot be directly connected to your laptop and you will need to remove the battery. This means that in this time of charging, you won’t be able to use your laptop.
Further, after charging is completed. Remove the battery from the external charger and put it back into your laptop. This technique is very easy and efficient.

Using solar kits to charge your battery

Solar kits are a good way to charge your battery when you are outdoor. This is a very good option for all the travelers, vloggers who move around. You cannot find electric plug-in forests and mountains while traveling. Solar kits will be really helpful at this time. They are easy to use; they convert sun rays into energy and let you charge the battery.
These techniques are mostly not required if you are using a laptop at home or in your office. Mostly because we have an electric plug and original charger around and we don’t need these methods to charge our battery. However, in someplace where, you don’t find the electric plug around like mountains or electric shortage in third world countries and sometimes if our original charger is faulty. The best way would have a spare battery around so that you can charge one and use the other.

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