How to run Overwatch on a low end laptop: 10 useful steps

how to run overwatch on a low end laptop

Back in 2016, Overwatch was designed and launched by “Blizzard Entertainment.” And now it’s added to the best video games list. Those who played this game must have eye witnessed its unique animations and multi-player gaming experience. You will find much detail on the best laptops for Overwatch and their buying techniques. But you might think about how to run Overwatch on a low end laptop. For this, we have added some useful techniques below.

How to run Overwatch on a low end laptop (Pro Tips)

  1. Beyond the game solutions
  2. Laptop on AC power
  3. Close applications in background
  4. Upgrade graphics card
  5. Make laptop free from Virus
  6. Get a laptop cooler
  7. Keep the laptop internals clean
  8. Apply thermal paste on CPU & GPU
  9. Install addtional RAM
  10. Install an SSD

The techniques we are now going to discuss are concluded from professionals’ advice. But don’t try them at all; step-wise, implementation will be useful for your better gameplay. By not wasting time, let’s dive into more explanation.

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Beyond the game solutions

Like all other video games, you can try many techniques to play Overwatch better on your laptop. Firstly, check for the regular updates of drivers and the operating system. If they get outdated, you may face issues in video games’ frame rate. You have to make sure that the resource-hungry applications are closed in the background, which most probably slows down your game.

If your system is housed with an NVIDIA graphics card, configure video settings in its control panel. What you can do in this context, set the maximum number of pre-rendered frames, including anisotropic filtering and DSR factors. After this, you will detect a great impact on Overwatch’s overall performance.

Laptop on AC power

laptop on ac power
Playing games on a laptop while the charger is plugged-in will be a good practice. This method entertains you in several ways, such as the battery’s better lifespan and improved gaming experience. So if you play Overwatch on a laptop with AC power, that would be a wise decision.

Close applications in background

Have you ever thought about the applications running in the background? They are actual kill to gameplay. You will never find them running on the taskbar or display, but they do their work in the background. After detecting this issue, let’s have a look at the solution. You have to follow simple steps, open settings on your laptop, press the privacy button, click on the background apps option. You will find there a list of applications with their names. After this, turn off the toggle switch on the applications you want to restrict. This method varies on different windows versions but not at all. Keep one thing in consideration, try not to kill the graphical programs in the background, such as NVIDIA, AMD or Intel HD.

Upgrade graphics card

If you have tried all the other tricks, the frame rate delay and other issues are still on your screen with the game. So it’s time to think about how much of a graphics card do I need to run Overwatch on my laptop. Graphics card is the core part of a video games’ performance. Although, Overwatch works well with most of the cheap graphics cards. At last, if you have decided to add the new graphics card to the laptop, first check whether it is compatible with your motherboard and can it would be adjusted in the available space or not.

Make laptop free from Virus

Any device connected with the internet will be full of viruses and malware. These are actually in the form of harmful files and can do several things with your laptops, such as tracking the activities, stealing information and, the worst action, disturbing the machine resources. So if your laptop gets infected with a virus, the gaming performance on Overwatch also sucks. You have to install a paid or any free best Antivirus tool to protect your laptop from misuse in the wrong hands.

Get a laptop cooler

laptop cooling pad
The powerful gaming laptops are equipped with the best cooling system that never gets them stuck during gameplay because of heat. But our topic here is how to run Overwatch on a laptop having average features. And it’s also clear about them that their cooling system not works up to the mark like most expensive laptops. The best solution to beat this problem is, get a laptop cooler pad that cools down the laptop by 5 to 7 degrees Celsius; it means a lot for the laptop’s performance.

Keep the laptop internals clean

keep laptop clean
When it comes to almost all electric and non-electric devices, there is a hidden enemy which destroys the performance, and that is dust. The same is the case in laptops; it’s very easy for professional users to clean them from the inside but not for all the users. More, if you let the laptop dirty for a long time, the dust gets hoarded inside the hardware and is then hard to remove. What you have to do now, check a proper guide on how to clean the laptop internals and follow the process just as it is.

Apply thermal paste on CPU & GPU

thermal paste on cpu and gpu
Once, you may be thinking that what’s the benefit of applying the thermal paste on CPU and GPU? Have a look. It’s a compound that transfers heat from the processor to the heat sink. Most of the time, in the manufacturing of cheap laptops, thermal paste is not applied properly. If you don’t have much budget to buy the best gaming laptop, but at least you can spend a little amount on thermal paste for a better gaming experience. Once you get a thermal paste and are ready to apply it on CPU and GPU, remove the thermal paste with alcohol wipes already applied on them.

Install addtional RAM

You are facing lags in gameplay, and the laptop is not working up to the mark for Overwatch. And you need the solution, but the budget is too low to get a new powerful laptop. Don’t worry; this problem can be solved by adding more RAM to the laptop with a small investment. But before going for it, check the compatibility in perimeters, such as whether it supports DDR3 or DDR4, make sure it’s a laptop RAM, not the PC’s one. Once the RAM is improved, the overall gaming performance gets a bit speedy.

Install an SSD

Most of the old gen laptops are housed with HDD, but if you have the one with SSD, ignore this point. However, if you are stuck in an old gen laptop equipped with HDD, and you are thinking about how to run Overwatch better on a laptop, have a look. There would be two conditions, most probably if the laptop has an extra SATA slot get a SATA SSD for it, but if there is only one slot, you have to replace HDD with SSD. But luckily, if there locates an M.2 SSD slot on your laptop, then you can go for either SATA M.2 SSD or NVME M.2 SSD; the choice is yours.

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Editor’s suggestions
Hopefully, how to run Overwatch on a low-end laptop will no longer be an issue for you now. But to be honest, all the above tips are small pushes to the gaming performance of laptops. The story doesn’t end here if you want ultimate gameplay on Overwatch; spending some extra bucks on the best Overwatch gaming laptop is worth a lot.

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